yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. Its an umbrella term which includes loosening exercise, suryanamaskara , asana , pranayama , bandha , mudra and relaxation techniques . 

General yoga is practiced mainly to prevent the ailments , to maintain the health and and also for the purpose of relaxation on both physical and mental aspects . yoga therapy is advised to patients based on their conditions , where emphasis is on restoration of health.



Shat means ‘six’, Karma means ‘action’.
The Shatkarmas are six preliminary purifications used in traditional hatha yoga.
1. Dhauti – Cleansing of Digestive Tract
2. Basti – Cleansing of Large Intestine
3. Neti – Cleansing of Nasal Passages
4. Trataka – Cleansing of Eyes
5. Nauli – Toning and Cleansing of Abdominal Organs
6. Kapalbhati – Cleansing of Frontal region of brain


Asana is a Sanskrit term which is translated as “posture” or “pose.”


Prāṇāyāma is the practice of breath control in yoga. One can control the rhythms of pranic energy with pranayama and achieve healthy body and mind.


Mudra treatment is a natural method of therapy which believe that the five fingers correspond to the five basic elements ie. Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. therapy can use as advantageously combined with other forms of treatment.


Meditation can give you a sense of calmness that can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health


Relaxation techniques can help to cope up with everyday stress and with stress related to various health problems. Relaxation techniques include a number of practices such as instant relaxation technique , Quick relaxation technique ,Deep relaxation technique etc.


Naturopathy is a drugless system of medicine which uses naturally available substances such as Water, Air, and Mud for the purpose of treatment, detoxification and rejuvenation.
Naturopathy is based on the belief that the body is self-healing / body heals itself.
Motto- “Prevention is better than cure”

Immersion Bath

Immersion bath is also known as the full bath. It is administered in a bath tub made of porcelain or enameled iron or fiberglass. The tub should be properly fitted with hot and cold water connections to administer the bath at cold, neutral, hot, graduated and alternate temperatures.
Different types of bath given in immersion bath tub are as follows ;
1. Neutral half bath
2. Asthma bath

Gastro-hepatic (GH) pack

It is one of the naturopathic treatment modality where hot fermentation bag is kept on abdomen and cold ice bag at lower back and then cotton and woolen sheets are wrapped. It is helpful in cases of Gastritis, liver and spleen enlargement, ulcers in the stomach, hyperacidity and inflammation of the pancreas. This pack is extensively used to treat Diabetes Mellitus.


Chest compress is also known as chest pack.
One cotton compress is dipped in cold water and wring out. The cloth is placed on the back and the two ends are brought forward under the armpits on each side. The right half is crossed over the left shoulder and the left part over the end, across the right shoulder. Both are again crossed at the back and the ends are brought forward under the armpits and tucked in at the front. Cover this with a dry cloth and then with a flannel. The pack should be as comfortably tight as possible.
Uses: Since this application will have very soothing effect, most of the patients fall asleep within minutes. They should not be disturbed. It is helpful in relieving cold, bronchitis, asthma, pleurisy, – pneumonia, fever, cough, and whooping cough etc.


The underwear should cover the whole pelvic girdle. The patient should wear the thin cotton underwear wrung in cold water and the thicker one over it.
Uses: It is useful in treating all pelvic and genito-urinary problems. Specifically the following diseases: Dysmenorrheal (painful menstruation), Menorrhagia (Excessive menstruation), Leucorrhoea (White discharge) and recurring Appendicitis, Urinary Incontinence. Burning Micturation, Urinary tract Infection, Bleeding Piles, bleeding Fibroid of the uterus and in all acute pelvic inflammations and congestion.


Dip the cotton cloth in cold water and wring out to remove the excess water. Wrap the cloth around the abdomen from lower part of the groin. Over this, wrap the dry cloth and finally the flannel so that the pack fits snugly.
Uses: Abdominal compress is useful in cases of gastritis, hyperacidity, indigestion, poor blood circulation to the liver, jaundice, constipation and other complaints relating to the abdominal organs.

Kidney pack

It is one of the naturopathic treatment modality where cold ice bag is kept on abdomen and hot fermentation bag at lower back and then cotton and woolen sheets are wrapped.

This pack is useful in cases of acute congestion of the kidney and inflammation of the urinary tract. It strengthens the kidney and hence, useful in Albuminuria (albumin outflow with urine), burning urination and stones in the kidney. This pack increases the output of urine.


Throat compress is useful in treating sore throat, hoarseness, Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, inflammation of the Eustachian tubes etc.


Knee pack is the heating compress applied to the knees, like the other packs.
Uses: The knee compress is helpful in treating inflamed knees and is useful in arthritis to relieve pain and stiffness.

Vibro Massage

In this massage the body & specific area of pain is vibrated through an electronic vibrating device. Vibro massage can be applied to any part of the body that can receive other massage strokes. It has a positive impact over neuromuscular apparatus because during the process of vibro massage the patients’ muscles work, but lactic acid does not accumulate; thus vibro massage facilitates immediate relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, de-congestion, and weight loss.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy can enhance overall health & wellness while reducing the risk of colon cancer.
• Makes the digestive system effective
• Prevents constipation
• Increases energy
• Enhances absorption of vitamins & nutrients
• Weight loss
• Decreases risk of colon cancer
• Treats infertility
• Maintains PH Balance in blood
• Improves overall well being

Mud Therapy

Mud is an important element of nature with many important minerals that have positive impact on our health. Mud is capable of absorbing number of toxins from body that benefits the body in prevention of many diseases. A mud pack is advantageous in cold compress as it retains the coolness longer. Lastly, it is easily available and a cost effective treatment option. It also cools & relaxes the body with its moisture.
Mud therapy is given in two ways:
Mud packs – It involves frequent application of mud packs to improve complexion, treat skin acne & spots effectively.
Mud Bath – It involves application of natural salts and mineral rich mud over entire body (except head) to treat skin diseases like Psoriasis, Urticaria, leucoderma, Leprosy and other skin allergic conditions.
• It relaxes the muscles
• Improves blood circulation
• Improves metabolism having positive impact on digestion
• It is good for skin & hair
• Relieves pain & inflammation
• Loosens stiff joints


Diet is an important component of naturopathic disease management. 

Right food is very important for an individual to be healthy . This right food is regarded as medicine as per the concept of naturopathy which is a key ingredient of healing .

Naturopathy believes that, disease is because of lowered vitality and accumulation of morbid matter this is due to imperfect elimination and faulty digestion.
Through diet therapy our aim is to improve the lowered vitality by boosting our immune system. Natural diet is advised to improve digestion , elimination and purification by detoxification .

Fasting Therapy is one of the major treatment under diet therapy which is based on vayu tattva.

There are mainly 3 types of diet in Naturopathy. They are,

Eliminative diet

 Diet which helps in the elimination of waste materials from the body to clean the entire system. It includes, lemon water, diuretic juices etc…

Soothening diet

Diet which helps to revitalize the digestive system that has just been cleansed of toxins. It includes, fruits, vegetable salads, vegetable and fruit juices, sprouts, boiled or steamed vegetables etc

Constructive diet

Diet which helps to boost immunity and to give maximum amount of nourishment just after the detoxification process.